Harewood Hillclimb onboard

I was trying out a new camera setup this weekend. I managed to pick up a used Hero 4 pretty reasonably, to capture some quality footage in a format better suited to my style and editing workflow. I also got hold of a Tascam PCM audio recorder, which I mounted under the dash, and mic'd up the car for some nice crisp interior ambience. These elements came together pretty well, which is more than could be said for my overall class standing...

Like any self-respecting racing driver: I think my performance was good but I didn't have the tyres underneath me. In this case, you can hear the a539's scrubbing and squealing across the surface in agony as there was no tread left on them to flex and bite into the tarmac, even with cold-pressures in the mid-20's. I think dragging their fat worn-out carcass up the hill was more of a hinderance on the long straights here than any last breath of performance they might have been clinging onto in the corners. The standard-width 155/55 AS-1 road tyres I travelled to the venue on might have been a better option. Better luck next time.

Still, this is probably one of my favourite onboards this year and I'm looking forward to upping the video production in 2022.