Human step-change

For me, personally, I need fluidity in my day-to-day life in order to be happy and to function properly. I'm not subservient by nature and when my time is owned by a company and I'm put in a position of having to go there at a particular time every day to serve out that company's agenda, I don't have that fluidity of life and that open-ended possibility to explore and develop my ideas and grow as a person. It leads me to severe depression because there's none of the spiritual/mental fulfillment that I require. The model for society that we currently have in place, as far as I am aware, doesn't make any allowance for people such as myself who are remarkably capable in many respects but find it difficult to adapt to other people's expectations and are genetically programmed to live on our own terms. I recall a conversation I had with an advisor to the conservative government who was also part of a very wealthy family which own a large estate nearby and in this conversation he told me that people were just expected to serve the upper ranks of this construct that forms British heritage, obediently - To dedicate their lives to working and to serve their country, the economy, and to vote in their country's favour and not necessarily their own. For somebody of my disposition with my own ideas, passions and drive; it's a completely unnatural state to be in – a complete fabrication. The effect that has is, as I say; depression, mental anguish in the people subject to that who are not themselves subservient, subordinate members of a species. I think there are a lot of people who find themselves on the bottom rungs of this construct we have, who find themselves there for the same reason; where they simply can't function in the environment they're forced into and cannot generate the income to support themselves and to climb that fictional ladder. The mental strife and the observation of inbalance to the natural order of things leads us to stress, it leads to emotional turmoil and outbursts; anger, confusion; a dependancy on unhealthy coping mechanisms. I think a lot of the social problems faced in modern society can be attributed in some form or another to this unnatural state that we're put into by a small subsect of individuals who have been taught to believe that they're superior and who have the estate and the capital power to reinforce that fabrication in their own minds.

However, I think intelligence and conscious thought – the human condition – is an ongoing process of development. If you look at any species with a social construct; ants and bees for example, or more primative forms of homosapiens; society needs hard-working subservient members of the group in order to sustain and progress as a species but there's also the slow evolutionary process behind that and whilst these social constructs form a purpose in the time they exist, they must also develop with that process. There has been such an evolutionary step change in our own species; first with complex speech, language then art & literature, then with the advent of technology & communication - access to basically all of human knowledge through an interconnected neurological network that we call the internet, with an independently thinking conscious human recipient on the end of each node, connected to every other node; that we are now almost unrecognisable from the primitive forms we came and in fact, often believe that we are somehow not ourself animals any more. And this comes back to the point of the construct of society that we've brought through from our more primitive form – of subservience, obedience within a class-based system - We've sort of outgrown it. For a lot of people such as myself it is a completely alien and debilitating environment to be placed into – It doesn't provide any more the sustenance we need to thrive and to continue developing as individuals and as a species in whole.

In my particular case, along with a lot of my peers; we're all quite intelligent people but to me and to a lot of other folk society and its expectation for us is kind of dull, kind of stale and mediocre. There's a lot we could achieve but we don't have the resources to achieve it and we're kind of stuck fighting for our survival, fighting to make a living doing menial tasks instead of actually realising our potential and working on things that bring us emotional fulfillment and better our lives collectively. What is better is kind of open to interpretation here - I think the most important thing is simply to be happy and content in life. As smart as we think we are, there's no need to try and one-up everything all the time. I think spiritual emotional wellbeing is itself guidance as to what we should be aiming for: If we're collectively happy and constructive then we're heading in the right direction. Do you think every ant in the colony is aware of its place in the larger construct of the nest - They all work together but are they aware that's what they're doing? Do you think every cell in your body is itself aware that it is part of a larger organism and what its place should be? I think they just do what feels right to them and the bigger picture takes care of itself. We're no different and whilst we observe the world as individuals I think it would be short sighted to ignore the premise behind all popular philosophy and indeed biology, sociology, particle physics, business structure, music, you-name-it; and to assume that we are the end point as an individual note in time, that there is not something bigger that we are unconsciously playing out through our day-to-day lives.

But anyway my point is: I don't have an income, I don't know how I can make enough money to sustain myself doing the bits and pieces that I'm able to do, in this economy. And I don't really know what the fuck to do about it.

Automation is a thing; unconscious subservient technology is a thing; hands-off distribution networks which can grow and deliver the bare essentials we all need to survive without having to labour mindlessly in exchange for unfair compensation to keep a roof over our heads and food on our plates, is a thing. Maybe there are better ways we can structure society now, in this new modern world in which we find ourself, without quarelling over yesterday's political agendas.

That is all.

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