Torque Specifications

Updated: May 29

A list of torque specs for most things including the engine... If you're gonna do it - do it right!

The correct torque is especially important on cast aluminium engine components with steel fasteners - Most of these things aren't as tight as you might think if you were tightening them by feel and it's incredibly easy to strip aluminium threads with an overtight steel bolt. The hot side of the cylinder head around the exhaust manifold is a prime location for this happening.

Always clean bolt heads & exposed threads with a wire brush and WD40 before tackling them. If you can - wherever you have a steel bolt screwed into an aluminium thread, give the bolt a single tap with a hammer before undoing it to shock the thread free. If it gets tight whilst you're undoing it, screw it back in a turn or so then back it out again slowly to avoid snapping the bolt. Plenty of WD40 and take it easy.

The following torque settings are quoted from a popular range of workshop manuals; it's not a comprehensive list but hopefully it'll keep you right for basic servicing tasks. Most bolts around the engine are 10, 12, 14 or 17mm.

Key Service Items:

Wheel Nuts - 100Nm (OEM)

Sump Plug 14mm - 30Nm

Spark Plugs - 25Nm

Coolant Drain Plug - 20Nm

Ignition Coil 10mm Bolts - 10Nm

Lambda Sensors - 44Nm

Clutch Plate Bolts - 19Nm


Caliper Guide Pin 13mm Bolts - 30Nm

Carrier 17mm Bolts - 89Nm

Disc retaining T30 countersunk bolt - Pinch tight! Make sure its easy to undo this again.


ARB Droplink Nuts - 18Nm

Driveshaft Hub Nut - 216Nm

Wishbone to Subframe Bolts - 100Nm

Ball Joint Nut - 98Nm

Suspension Damper Top Mount Nut - 55Nm

Suspension Strut Pinch Nut/Bolt (hub) - 48Nm

Track Rod Balljoint - 33Nm

Track Rod Adjusting Nut - 47Nm

Rear Beam Axle to Chassis - 123Nm

Rear Hub to Trailing Arm Nuts - 60Nm

Lower Damper Bolts - 48Nm

Top Damper Nut - 25Nm

Cylinder Head:

Cam Bearing Small Caps - 13Nm

Cam Bearing Big Double Cap - 15Nm

Camshaft Sprockets - 47Nm

Inlet Manifold Nuts/Bolts - 30Nm

Exhaust Manifold Nuts/Bolts - 24Nm

Fuel Rail - 27Nm

Head Bolts:

Stage 1 - 32Nm

Stage 2 - Further 180 degrees


To Engine Block - 64Nm

To Lower Plate - 40Nm


Small Bolts - 10Nm

Big Bolts - 24Nm

If you're doing anything major I'd really recommend picking up a Haynes manual for its comprehensive torque and clearance specifications.

The specs here refer to the first-gen '05-14 cars.