Great value anti-roll bar bush kit with wax-treated rubber bushes and full fitting hardware.


Get them while you can!


Includes everything for mounting the ARB to the subframe -


- New OE-spec 22mm Rubber D-Bushes x2

- New Powdercoated caps x2

- High Tensile zinc-plated replacement bolts & washers x4


This is a complete front axle set with fitting hardware to overhaul both bushes at an absolute bargain price, whilst stocks last.

It's worth picking up a kit just for the hardware alone to use with the Powerflex bushes.


The rubber, whilst it won't last as long as polyurethane, is still quite firm and I actually have these fitted to the sprint car - I expect they'll see out a full season of competition without softening up too much.

- Obviously that's not such a concern on a road car; the inspection interval is typically 10,000 miles and many are never replaced. If yours are years old and the miles are clocking up then a new set might breathe a bit of life into your car's steering response again.



Performance Fitting Guide


It's entirely possible to replace these bushes without removing the subframe. Position the steering to give the best access and hold the rubber boot out of the way. Use a ring spanner on the bolts if there's not enough headroom for a socket wrench.


The bushes are supplied with a wax coating that transfers itself to the ARB in use to stop surfaces bonding and prevent squeaks. For normal use these can be fitted straight from the packet, however;

to obtain the best performance from the suspension I like to remove this wax coating and replace it with a quality silicone grease.


First ensure the ARB surface which makes contact with the inner bore of the bush is clean and smooth.


The wax coating can be removed by rubbing it away under hot water or after a quick spray of parts/brake cleaner but beware of chemicals which might damage the rubber.

I remove all burrs and slightly chamfer the edges around the bore with a sharp craft knife to alleviate tight spots and prevent worn rubber dust building up. The bush can then be cleaned in warm dish soap before applying silicone grease liberally to both the inner bore and outer faces which make contact with the ARB and the clamp/subframe.


The slots in the bush should face forward as pictured; it's easy to fit these the wrong way and wonder why the caps don't line up.


A dap of copper grease on the bolt threads will prevent them seizing in the subframe.

Torque setting for the caps is 18Nm.


By following these steps the anti-roll bar is able to rotate more freely in the mounting, reducing friction allowing the suspension to react better to the road surface.

This is a performance fitting method intended for competition setups, I can't guarantee its longevity for road use but a quality silicone grease should have great staying power with resistance to both heat and water - as used when installing the polyurethane bush kis.