High-quality OE specification springs from Bilstein.


These come in 2 variants; either the standard type as fitted to the car originally or a 'heavy duty' uprated type which has thicker front coils, making them more resistant to damage from heavy impacts and offers a slightly stiffer springrate for precise handling.


The standard type spring is an excellent OE replacement spring with genuine Bilstein German build quality. Ideal to partner the original shock absorbers or the higher-quality Bilstein B4 replacements.


Paired with a set of Bilstein's B6 performance dampers, the uprated type spring offers a full-length performance setup for Targa Rallies and similar competitive use where ground clearance and a stronger spring would be preferred.


Either version will pair just as well with the B4 or B6 damper (or the even the original shock absorbers) depending on your goals.


Feel free to get in touch if you need any help choosing a suspension platform that suits your needs.


Sold individually; ie. A full set would require 2x Front and 2x Rear springs.



Front - £54.00

Rear - £48.00