C1 Autoworks Induction Kit


Unlike any other...


Replace the standard airbox & filter with a free-flowing system designed to yield better torque throughout the rev range, along with the usual improvements to peak airflow.


This system features a completely unique approach with a ported bellmouth intake design and hand-blended pipework that allows it to achieve the same peak flow rates with a narrower cross-sectional area - maximising induction velocity and the inertial ram effect of the air intake at lower engine speeds.


The increased velocity of the intake helps to distribute the air through the manifold plenum more evenly toward the ports furthest from the throttle body. Whilst improving throttle response, the higher port pressures around the no. 2 & 3 cylinder intake runners mean a greater (balanced) pressure drop into those cylinders and the intake charge reaches the valves with more energy. This momentum forces more air into the combustion chamber at the bottom of the intake stroke when the piston is moving slowly; thus improving volumetric efficiency & torque at low to medium engine speeds. As well as encouraging this inertial air ramming effect, the contoured pipework promotes peak cfm figures offering the potential for power improvements at the top end which you'd expect of an unrestricted induction system.


Overall the engine feels smoother & more responsive with better power delivery through the rpm range. The resulting balance across the ports reduces the margin between cylinders and provides a great foundation for further optimisation of the engine's fuelling and timing events.


  • More Info

    -Completely original in-house design and handmade in our UK workshop, these kits are supplied pre-assembled to ensure the optimum fit and function.


    -Features a high quality Pipercross foam filter and includes all the necessary stainless hardware to fit the standard 63mm throttle body.


    Options include: a breather pipe to connect to the valve cover or a breather system with an oil catch tank.


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