Currently in development.


Uprated polyurethane bush inserts for the front drop links.


The drop link bushes directly interface with the wishbone and anti-roll bar, responsible for distributing the suspension load between wheels mid-corner.

Where the suspension dampening controls initial changes of direction as the shock absorber compresses or extends, the roll bar controls the load across the axle in the middle of the turn once the suspension has settled into a steady cornering state. The relationship between front & rear axle is important in setting the balance of the car to under/oversteer, just as the stiffness across the axle is important in determining how much grip is available at each corner.


Polyurethane offers improved longevity over rubber and it is interesting to explore how the different material properties of various polyurethane compounds can be used to alter the suspension's reaction to small bumps and direction changes when the ARB is loaded up.