EBC BF307+ competition brake fluid.



Formulated to provide outstanding performance for braking systems routinely operated at extreme temperatures making it ideal for fast road, track days and racing.


BF307 Super DOT 4 racing fluid has a higher boiling point and better high-temperature brake performance than DOT 5.1, the trade-off being that it absorbs moisture easily and therefore requires more frequent replacement.


- Conforms to DOT 4 specification and is fully compatable with the C1 hydraulic system and other DOT 4 or 5.1 brake fluids.



It's strongly recommended to replace all the old fluid in the sytem with new BF307+ so it isn't being mixed with a different grade (or wet fluid) and compromising its temperature handling characteristics.


Super DOT 4 is for those who want the best braking performance and don't mind the upkeep to maintain it - The feel is crisp and consistent when the brakes are excercised but leaving the car sat idle for months will impair the fluid's performance as it continues to draw in moisture from its surroundings, lowering the boiling point and taking on a spongier quality; the same goes for keeping a half-empty bottle on the shelf. All hydraulic fluid has this hydroscopic quality but extra consideration should be given to Super DOT 4. It's advisable to operate the brakes routinely and with a good service schedule. Working the fluid and heat cycling the brakes regularly will help to slow the degredation of the fluid; I'd recommend servicing the brakes with new fluid at least once a year as part of your car preparation for the season.


If you're looking for a fit-and-forget performance brake fluid that's going to last a couple of years without service, consider the DOT 5.1 fluid.


DOT 4:  270 degC - dry; 170 degC - wet

DOT 5.1:  269 degC - dry; 184 degC - wet

Super DOT 4:  307 degC - dry; 195 degC - wet.


  • Specification

    - 307degC boiling point

    - DOT 4 & 5.1 compatible