07/04/22 - Unfortunately I've been informed by the distributor that Pipercross currently have no plans to continue producing these filters and I'm therefore unable to offer these for sale at present.

I've voiced our opinion about how awesome the C1 is and that I hope we can see these added back onto the roster given the growing popularity of the chassis for low-cost motorsport but until then I've put this listing to bed. Sorry for any disappointment, I hear you.



A high-flow panel filter is a must if you're retaining the standard airbox but want to make the most of what you've got.


These quality filters can flow 30% more air than a disposable paper filter and offer a washable, re-useable filtration medium.

The foam composition is capable of holding far more dirt than a corrugated oiled cotton or paper design without the subsequent restriction to airflow.


These are my personal favourite material; they're well made and incredibly easy to clean, improving performance AND saving cost in the long term.


Handmade in the UK and supplied with a Pipercross lifetime warranty.