Powerflex's 22mm ARB polybushes, supplied as a pair to fit the standard size front anti-roll-bar.


Polyurethane bushes offer superior performance & longevity over the standard OE rubber bush. These bushes secure the front anti-roll bar to the subframe, transferring suspension loads from one side of the car to the other to control the car's weight distribution and mid-corner balance.


These polyurethane bushes won't degrade or soften like the OE rubbers and their firmer compound will maintain the optimum flex in the ARB to provide quick, responsive steering and stability in the corners.


I recommend upgrading suspension bushes as a matter of course when fitting wider wheels to account for the increased loads through the suspension.



There are 2 options available for the ARB bush:


Fast Road/Competition 80a compound

Features Powerflex's traditional 80a purple firm PU compound which offers a good level of compliance suited to fast road or competition use. The 80a compound will provide a forgiving ride that doesn't suffer so much from chatter on rough or broken tarmac compared to the harder kit.


Competition 95a compound

Featuring the hard 95a compound for the most responsive steering at the expense of some compliance. This is the ARB bush compound of choice in the BRSCC Cup cars.