Powerflex's high-performance polyurathane suspension bushes, supplied as a pair to fit the rear beam axle.


Polyurethane bushes offer superior performance & longevity over the standard OE rubber bush. Just like the front axle kit, these rear beam axle bushes prevent unwanted lateral movement of the axle to keep the car's loaded (dynamic) geometry/alignment closer to the ideal (static) value; improving response, stability and cornering as well as being easier on the tyres.


These polyurethane bushes won't degrade or soften like the OE rubbers and their firmer compound will help the car track correctly and reduce the tendency of the rear end to wander around during heavy braking and cornering events.


I recommend upgrading the bushes as a matter of course when fitting wider wheels to account for the increased loads through the suspension.



There are 2 options available for the rear bush:


Fast Road/Competition 80a

Features Powerflex's traditional purple firm PU compound retaining a good level of comfort suited to fast road or competition use. The 80a compound allows a little more compliance for better road feel than the B-spec kit; it sets up the rear end a touch looser for intuitive weight shift during trail braking for example - particularly with stiff tyres like the NS-2R. It's the setup of choice in the BRSCC Cup cars.


Competition 95a

Featuring the hard 95a compound to maintain the most consistent geometry at the expense of some compliance. This will keep the rear axle tracking as stable as possible.