Powerflex's rear engine mount/gearbox steady attaches the engine/gearbox to the chassis to limit the engine's movement. The engine basically 'hangs' on its two side mounts and this rear mount stops it from rocking back and forth.


The polyurethane bush offers superior performance & longevity over the standard OE rubber bush.


These uprated bushes keep the engine solid during acceleration and braking - making the throttle feel 'pokier' as all the instantaneous torque is transferred to the wheels instead of rocking the engine.


Sloppy engine mounts will stress the exhaust system - cracked manifolds and improper sealing of the manifold gasket are common occurances so it's best to address this first if you intend to fit a performance exhaust system.


There are 2 options available:


Fast Road 65a Compound

Features Powerflex's softer red 65a PU compound to isolate engine vibrations for a good level of cabin comfort with solid bush performance suited to fast road use. It'll keep the engine steady and the compliance in the bush won't rattle your teeth loose.


Competition 95a Compound

Featuring the hardest 95a compound. This will keep the engine solid for maximum instantaneous torque transfer to the wheels but it wont do much to isolate engine vibrations from the cabin.