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Lightweight Billet steel flywheel produced by TTV Racing Components.


These are crafted at their purpose-built facility in the UK.


Weighing just 3.1kg and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth running at high revs.


Less inertia, improved engine response. Better acceleration.


A lightweight flywheel improves basically every aspect of engine behaviour in a competition engine, it also results in more engine braking; increasing the ability to steer the car with the throttle.


Using the weight shift to balance corner entry and exit is one of my favourite driving techniques: When you have less rotational inertia in the engine, lifting off the throttle results in more engine braking on the front axle; lifting off on corner entry will pitch the weight forward tending to oversteer and help get the car rotating. Likewise, oversteer mid-corner can be countered with a dab of throttle to set the weight rearward for understeer. It's a neat trick to trimming your line for better times and the increased engine response of a lightweight flywheel makes that throttle application all the more effective.


Suitable for Road or Competition -

Fully compatible with the standard clutch or an uprated pattern part and features precision machined outer teeth to retain the engine's OE starter motor location and function.


A thing of beauty. Direct fit and ready to race!