My technical interest is mainly focused in competition cylinder head & intake work, switch panels and fabricating custom mounts & bracketry for bespoke installs.

I work in a number of design and fabrication mediums including CAD, 3D printing, resin casting & composites; with capacity to outsource 3-axis CNC machining and world class stainless fabrication thanks to our

friends in Fort William, Lochaber Stainless.

We also offer gearbox conversions, manual window conversions, car setup, competition prep & consultancy...

This page is a small folio of my work, please get in touch if there's anything I can do for you.


- High-quality and affordable C1/107 & Aygo servicing available -

Complete engine service  -  £130

Disc Brake service (top quality discs, pads and carrier rebuild)  -  £180

Clutch replacement -  £260


Competition-prepared reconditioned cylinder head for a 'standard road car' class sprint engine - Here the old head casting has been mechanically cleaned and the casting flash removed from the ports, along with any sharp-edge protrusions in the machining around the valve seat area.

This encourages airflow to stay attached to the wall contours as it turns past the valve. The process addressed the imperfections left over from manufacturing to bring the port flow characteristics up to a refined level of performance & reliability in the original design specification of the cylinder head.


Engine bay masked during an engine & subframe rebuild to address areas of surface rust whilst there was an opportunity.

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Part of the design process for an intake I've been developing on the car. I wanted to conduct a CFD analysis of the intake/throttle body in various configurations to confirm some ideas before I committed to a design. In order to do this I functionally reconstructed the 1KR throttle body in the 3D software from physical measurements taken, to simulate airflow through the intake and form the basis for accurately modelling the components required. Once a working prototype was established, the printed components were surface finished and act as a master copy in the production of a mold - allowing us to cast the part from a variety of suitable materials.

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