CAD, 3D printing, resin casting, composites and a small private workshop for rapid prototyping.

Cylinder heads, porting & polishing, engine dress, switch panel fabrication, ducting systems,

manual window conversions, bespoke clips and bracketry; competition preparation & consultancy...

Of course, I would be happy to service your car!

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Competition-prepared cylinder head for a 'standard road car' class engine - Here the old casting has been mechanically cleaned and the junk removed from the ports, along with any sharp-edge protrusions on the machining around the short-side radii, to encourage the airflow to stay attached as it turns past the valve. This process addressed the imperfections left over from manufacturing and brought the head up to a more refined level of finish for optimum performance & reliability within the original design specification.


Engine bay masked during the engine & subframe rebuild; tidying up a couple of surface rust patches around the spot welds - typical 'whilst I'm in here' detail on a large-scale job...

Print CS.jpg

This was part of a CFD analysis of the intake/throttle body in various configurations, along with some CAD prototyping using our additive manufacturing process. I had to functionally reconstruct the OE throttle body in the 3D software from physical measurements taken, in order to accurately form some components for our induction system prototypes. The model pictured here was shown to be within about 0.5mm dimensional accuracy of the real component.

OE Orientation.png
6 Dash.jpg
Timepiece 2048px.JPG